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Where Beauty Meets Relaxation

Let me help you relax. Take time from your busy schedule and come and unwind. These services were created with you in mind. I want to help you take your self-care to the next level.  

The soothing sounds will help your body relax. You can even nap if needed. A complimentary massage goes a long way. 



This procedure lifts your natural lashes. It last 6-8 weeks depending on lash growth. A tint is applied to darken your lashes, giving you the mascara effect. Come ready to relax and unwind. This time is for you, and it all starts with a lash bath. This procedure is perfect for those who have an allergy to lash glue. Have straight, over curled, criss-cross, short or long lashes. 

Manicured Hands


Who doesn't want to be pampered?  Your hands are seen. I offer a dry manicure where your nails are cut and filed. Your nail fold is pushed back then your cuticles are cleaned with cuticle remover. For regular manicure a nail strengthener is applied.  I work with Gelmoment Soft Gel System. The service is completed with the application of cuticle oil and a hand massage.

manicure pedicure


Give your feet the rest they deserve.  Let's start with an Epsom salt soak. I take my time to cut, file, clean and shape your toes. Continued with a salt scrub with a warm hot towel. Lastly a massage to help invigorate your senses.  



Who doesn't want a smooth body? Waxing is a service where your hair is removed from the root. Your skin is cleaned before the waxing process. Depending on the area of hair removal either a soft or hard wax is used. The last part of the treatment is the oil and then the area is gently massaged.

Stones of Meaning


Looking forward to adding new Services in the future.

Relaxation Guarantee

These services are provided to help you relax. So if at any point you are not relaxed please let me know. .

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